A map of Alaska with the Bristol Bay region highlighted.
Organization: City of Dillingham - Dillingham Public Library
City: Dillingham
Region: Bristol Bay
Program Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities \ Library
Grants Received:
2005: $11,299
2003: $8,500

Dillingham Library — A Sonnet

Mission Statement
Dillingham Library

To serve as a source of information for the community by acquiring, organizing, and disseminating information. The library serves the needs of the patrons by providing a variety of materials and opportunities for independent learning for all people. It strives to meet the diverse and constantly changing information needs of patrons.
There seems no here, here, now.
Our subsistence subsided.
The harbor is silted.
Boats brood but do not plow the sea.
The airport proclaims itself the hub
but is merely abided
by the blinded who flock to lodges or liquor,
and never be.

Why rhyme in a time out of rhythm?
Collapsed fishing,
warming oceans,
possible problems with Pebble:
all feeding like piranha.
We need a wishing well, more well-wishing,
a port amid mayhem,
an anchored calm for idea-breeding.

A photo of a woman viewing an exhibit about Yupik Eskimos.Spacer Image Our library connects us more to each other
than to cyberspace.
Kids giggling; the Chamber greeting:
more people than place.
Parkas trapped in glass plead from a past
less worth preserving
than worth living:
“Only knowing, not knowledge, is deserving.”

It's a small, fertile field for picking books
and mental berries.
But earth survives by small things.
Like angels and fairies.

George Guthridge is a world award-winning novelist and a professor of English at the University of Alaska, Bristol Bay Campus. His latest book, which is nonfiction, is The Kids from Nowhere: The Story Behind the Arctic Educational Miracle. It tells of how he coached ten Alaska Native students, previously called "uneducable," to two national championships in academics.