A map of Alaska with the Southeast region highlighted.
Organization: Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministry (dba The Glory Hole)
City: Juneau
Region: Southeast
Program Area: Human Services \ Homeless shelter
Grants Received:
2014: $25,000  2005: $11,290
2013: $14,200  2003: $8,400
2012: $120,000  2001: $7,000
2009: $20,208

"Little Mikey"

Patrick Race grew up in a giant water barrel surrounded by blueberry bushes. His studies in computer science collided with his love of visual story telling leading him to become a founding partner at Lucid Reverie, a small, Swiss army knife media firm dabbling in a bit of everything. When not doing work-for-hire, Race creates comics, short films and whimsical illustrations which can be found at the Alaska Robotics Gallery in Juneau or online at AlaskaRobotics.com.