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Archived Press Releases





Foundation seeks proposals from Alaska artists. January, 2012
Foundation announces new board member, staff advan... January, 2012

Community philanthropy initiative expanded December, 2011
Foundation announces $8.4M in awards December, 2011
Artists show support for Pick.Click.Give. November, 2011
Third quarter awards announced November, 2011
Grants List Q1&2 2011 October, 2011
Revitalizing communities through arts September, 2011
New vice president announced September, 2011
Annual grantmaker tour starts Monday August, 2011
Clarke to lead COF August, 2011
Sabbatical good for executives, organizations August, 2011
$4.34 million in awards announced July, 2011
First Alaskans Institute Intern welcomed June, 2011
Foundation Vice President to depart June, 2011
2011 Annual Letter to Alaskans May, 2011
Ray Troll is 2011 Distinguished Artist May, 2011
Artist Awards to be announced May 18 May, 2011
Foundation recognized for public policy work May, 2011
29 small grant awards announced April, 2011
Small grants strengthen Alaska nonprofits February, 2011
Progam Associate joins Foundation January, 2011
Alaska artists invited to apply for grant funding January, 2011
Meet the 2011 Sabbatical recipients January, 2011

$6.8 million in grants and initiatives awarded to ... November, 2010
$2.56 million awarded to strengthen Alaska nonprof... November, 2010
Dental Health Aide Therapist program evaluated pos... October, 2010
Great opportunity to join our team! October, 2010
14th annual Ed Tour cohort announced August, 2010
Ed Rasmuson on the death of Senator Ted Stevens August, 2010
Foundation awards $1.86 million July, 2010
Foundation welcomes intern, fellow June, 2010
Nonprofit Sabbatical Program deadline October 1 June, 2010
PRSA recognizes Alaska PR creativity June, 2010
2010 Annual Letter to Alaskans May, 2010
John Luther Adams named 2010 Distinguished Artist May, 2010
Artist Awards to be announced May 18 May, 2010
2010 first quarter awards announced April, 2010
New program officer joins Foundation April, 2010
$900,000 to be invested in rural and minority educ... March, 2010
New board committee members welcomed February, 2010
2010 update on Foundation programs February, 2010
17 fourth quarter 2009 awards announced February, 2010
Nominations open for Distinguished Artists January, 2010
New study shows nonprofit sabbaticals help January, 2010
Individual Artist teleconferences scheduled January, 2010
Foundation welcomes new board member January, 2010
Call for 2010 Individual Artist applications January, 2010

2010 Sabbatical Award Recipients December, 2009
Foundation Awards $1.7 Million December, 2009
45 third quarter awards announced October, 2009
National philanthropic leaders in Alaska August, 2009
Sabbatical deadline is October 1 August, 2009
Foundation announces 20 grant awards July, 2009
First Alaskans Institute Intern welcomed June, 2009
Gibbons appointed to COF Committee May, 2009
Nathan Jackson is Distinguished Artist May, 2009
Artist Awards to be announced May 15 May, 2009
Website attracts national attention May, 2009
25 capital grant awards April, 2009
Staff realignment announced April, 2009
Neimeyer named Distinguished Grantmaker March, 2009
Mary Louise Rasmuson recognized March, 2009
25 capital grant awards announced March, 2009
March 1 postmark for Artists Awards February, 2009
Foundation hosts teleconferences February, 2009
Clarification of recent news coverage February, 2009
What Is An Artist? social video campaign February, 2009
Conversations with grantees scheduled February, 2009
Pick Click Give with PFD February, 2009
Foundation welcomes new Board members January, 2009
Teleconferences to help artists January, 2009
2009 Sabbatical recipients announced January, 2009

Call for individual artist applications December, 2008
$1.4 million in awards announced December, 2008
An update from the Foundation November, 2008
Artist Project Awards announced November, 2008
National recognition for Alaska artists November, 2008
Election special on public radio October, 2008
Art on Display with new look and feel October, 2008
University Meets Match, Endows Chair October, 2008
Foundation welcomes new staff October, 2008
Small capital grants awards announced October, 2008
Foundation receives Achievement Award September, 2008
Application deadlines approaching August, 2008
National philanthropic leaders in Alaska August, 2008
Nonprofit health insurance initiative July, 2008
Alaska Nonprofits awarded $11.9 million July, 2008
50th anniversary awards announced June, 2008
Foundation staff updates June, 2008
Helping Alaskans give more June, 2008
June 14 deadline for PFD Check-off June, 2008
Sabbatical Program expanded May, 2008
Senungetuk Named Distinguished Artist May, 2008
Public Health Dentistry honors DHAT May, 2008
Small capital grant awards announced April, 2008
Permanent Fund Dividend bill passed April, 2008
Alaskan artists showcased on Second Life April, 2008
Congressional delegation supports DHAT April, 2008
50th Anniversary application due May 15 March, 2008
Rural Alaska oral health featured March, 2008
March 1 due date for Arts Educator Award February, 2008
$1 million partnership for Alaska's 50th February, 2008
Individual Artist deadline reminder January, 2008
Small capital grant awards announced January, 2008
Anchorage libraries receive $4.4 million January, 2008
Foundation welcomes new staff member January, 2008

Special projects awarded $4.2 million December, 2007
$7.7 million in awards announced December, 2007
Leadership Summit set for January 2008 December, 2007
Three Alaskan artists named USA Fellows November, 2007
Financial statement classes announced November, 2007
13 Alaskan artists receive grant awards November, 2007
Small capital grant awards announced November, 2007
2008 Rasmuson Sabbaticals awarded November, 2007
The Balance Sheet updated October, 2007
Sven Haakanson: MacArthur 'genius' October, 2007
Arts & culture application deadline September, 2007
National philanthropic leaders in Alaska August, 2007
Two employment opportunities announced August, 2007
Artist Project Award deadline reminder August, 2007
United States Artists benefits Alaska August, 2007
Foundation awards small capital grants August, 2007
$8.3 million awarded for Anchorage parks July, 2007
$10.3 million in awards announced July, 2007
Summer interns joins the Foundation June, 2007
Effective Organizations awards announced May, 2007
2008 Sabbatical deadline 1 October May, 2007
Rie Munoz named Distinguished Artist May, 2007
PFD Check-off: What is it? May, 2007
Funding program changes announced April, 2007
Kaplan named Distinguished Grantmaker April, 2007
Internship opportunity announced April, 2007
Foundation awards small capital grants April, 2007
Foundation welcomes new staff member April, 2007
Ricardo Lopez joins national board March, 2007
Communications toolkit released March, 2007
Pre-Development program announced February, 2007
Foundation receives new national award February, 2007
Technology recycling program continued February, 2007
Effective Organizations announced January, 2007
Individual Artist deadline changes January, 2007
Foundation awards small capital grants January, 2007

Elmer Rasmuson tribute web site launched December, 2006
Partnership purchases 4th Avenue Theater December, 2006
Alaskans named USA Fellows December, 2006
Sabbaticals awarded to nonprofit leaders December, 2006
$12.3 million in awards announced November, 2006
Partnership works to simplify process November, 2006
Delores Churchill receives Artist Award November, 2006
AFN honors Diane Kaplan October, 2006
Technology application hiatus announced October, 2006
Foundation awards small capital grants October, 2006
Alaska nurses focus of new partnership September, 2006
Cultural competence key topic in Montana September, 2006
Foundation hosts graduate school intern September, 2006
Really Simple Syndication goes live September, 2006
National philanthropists to visit Alaska August, 2006
Foundation awards small capital grants July, 2006
Foundation welcomes new employee July, 2006
Communications intern welcomed July, 2006
Individual artist deadline announced July, 2006
$6 million in new awards approved July, 2006
Harper Arts Touring Fund renewed June, 2006
Foundation welcomes summer intern June, 2006
Join meetings to discuss process changes June, 2006
PFD Check-off bill update June, 2006
COF honors Mary Louise Rasmuson May, 2006
2007 Sabbatical deadline October 1 May, 2006
Individual Artist Awards announced May, 2006
PFD Bill to be voted on in Senate April, 2006
Online art now more accessible April, 2006
First quarter Tier 1 awards announced April, 2006
Grant review process revisions announced April, 2006
Bill to help charitable giving in Alaska March, 2006
Internship opportunity announced March, 2006
Artist Project Award deadline reminder February, 2006
Fourth quarter Tier 1 awards announced January, 2006
Artist Project Award deadline announced January, 2006

Four receive 2006 Sabbaticals December, 2005
Two new Board members welcomed December, 2005
Foundation approves $8.74M in new awards November, 2005
John Haines named Distinguished Artist November, 2005
Governor's Award recognizes Foundation October, 2005
Third quarter Tier 1 awards announced October, 2005
University dedicates Rasmuson Hall September, 2005
Chamber honors Foundation with Gold Pan September, 2005
Organizational Advancement Fund begins September, 2005
Philanthropy Northwest Conference begins September, 2005
2006 Sabbatical deadline October 1 September, 2005
Second quarter Tier 1 awards announced August, 2005
National philanthropists tour Alaska August, 2005
Creative Ventures Fund awards announced August, 2005
September 1 deadline for Artist Awards August, 2005
Foundation welcomes new intern July, 2005
2006 Sabbatical Program announced July, 2005
Foundation celebrates 50th in Homer July, 2005
Staffer selected for national fellowship June, 2005
Dental Health Aides in rural Alaska June, 2005
Foundation welcomes new employee May, 2005
Rasmuson Theater dedicated May, 2005
Individual Artist Project Awards announc May, 2005
Foundation welcomes new employee April, 2005
First sabbatical awards announced April, 2005
Jerry Harper remembered April, 2005
First quarter 2005 awards announced April, 2005
Haines library named best in the country April, 2005
Three employment opportunities announced March, 2005
Foundation appoints new program officer February, 2005
Creative Ventures Fund announced February, 2005
New Arts Education Fund programs begin January, 2005
Individual Artist Project Award deadline January, 2005
Foundation appoints new program officer January, 2005

Two new board members welcomed December, 2004
$15.4M awarded for projects across state December, 2004
Individual Artist Awards announced November, 2004
Attorneys General and Nonprofits November, 2004
Technology for nonprofit leaders October, 2004
Third quarter grant awards announced October, 2004
State arts leader joins Foundation staff October, 2004
First Alaskan named MacArthur Genius October, 2004
Sabbatical program for leaders announced September, 2004
Gala celebration set for new DC museum September, 2004
Powerful insight to grantmaking offered September, 2004
2004 Educational Tour Set to Begin August, 2004
Individual Artist Award Program Launched July, 2004
Rasmuson Foundation Welcomes New Intern July, 2004
Harris Workshops Offer Critical Insight July, 2004
Foundation Awards $5.3 Million June, 2004
Foundation Announces First 2004 Awards May, 2004
Chronicle of Philanthropy - A Slow Thaw April, 2004
Artists in Schools program update February, 2004

Foundation Awards $19M Statewide December, 2003
Foundation awards $20M for Arts December, 2003
Board Member, Grantee receive arts honor November, 2003
Rasmuson CEO honored by APRN October, 2003
Northwest Grantmakers meet in Girdwood September, 2003
2003 Educational Tour Preview August, 2003
Foundation Awards $9.4M Statewide July, 2003
New Intern Joins Staff July, 2003
Two New Board Members Announced July, 2003
National Rural Funders Visit Alaska June, 2003
Expert Says: Plan New Facility Carefully June, 2003
Rasmuson CEO Elected to Board May, 2003
Rotary Club Award Announced April, 2003
New Staff Members Announced April, 2003
New Board Member Announced April, 2003
New Toll Free Number April, 2003
Grant Awards Announced April, 2003

Harper Touring Fund September, 2002
2002 grant awards June, 2002