Please include the following with your application:


  1. A completed Application Cover Sheet.
  2. A short personal statement (no more than two pages) that addresses these questions:
    • Why are you seeking this sabbatical?
    • What, specifically, do you plan to do with your time?
    • How will the time away from work benefit you? Your organization?
    • How do you intend to use the experience of the sabbatical when you return to your organization?
    • Where do see yourself with your career in five years?
    • What motivated you to become involved in the nonprofit sector?
  3. Your current resume.
  4. A one-page description of your organization - its mission and services.
  5. A copy of your organization's IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption. (Tribal entities may include the Federal Register list with the name of their tribe highlighted. Tribal entities will be entered into the Foundation's database as their name appears in the Federal Register.)
  6. A plan for how your organization will be managed during your absence, including how or whether you will communicate with the organization during your absence.
  7. budget for how funds will be used.
  8. A letter from your board endorsing your application.


  9. Provide a list of the board of directors, indicating affiliations for each member.


  10. Documentation of board giving to the applicant organization within the past 12 months. Provide a list indicating board member individual contributions with dollar amounts. Board member names may be kept confidential. A form is available. Click here for an explanation of board giving.
  11. Three references, including name, phone and e-mail.
  12. Your organization's financial statements

If your organization's annual operating budget is $500,000 or greater:

All organizations:

  • Most recent balance sheet available. Click here for a sample of a balance sheet.
  • Twelve-month statement of revenues and expenses for most recently completed fiscal year (please remember to identify the fiscal year).
  • Current year operating budget, showing anticipated sources of both revenues and expenses.
  1. Each page after the cover sheet should have your name on the top right corner for proper identification.
  2. A completed Application Checklist.

Click here for a summary of the application forms listed above: Forms.

Applications must be postmarked by midnight, October 1. Send to:

Sabbatical Program
Rasmuson Foundation
301 West Northern Lights Blvd.
Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99503

Applications will not be accepted via fax or e-mail.

If you have questions please call (907) 297-2700, toll free 1-877-366-2700 or e-mail to