Board Giving

In 2005, the Rasmuson Foundation Board of Directors reviewed the Foundation’s mission and philosophy and recognized the opportunity to refine the grantmaking program to reconfirm two key values of the founders:

1. Rasmuson Foundation places a high degree of importance on projects where the people most directly involved have invested financially.

2. Rasmuson Foundation aims to strengthen the nonprofit sector by offering tools and resources that reinforce sound financial management and organizational decision making.

To address these values, the Board of Directors approved a new addition to Rasmuson Foundation's grant review process:

Charitable Contributions by Applicant Board Members
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Board governance for a nonprofit organization is a significant responsibility and commitment of personal time and energy. Board members provide strategic goals and objectives for the organization and are accountable for the stewardship of the organization's resources. Another trait of a strong nonprofit board of directors is their individual financial contribution to the organization. As part of the application process, the Rasmuson Foundation requests specific information about the cash contributions from board members.

We recognize that board members have varying capacities to give and that charitable giving is a personal decision. We recommend that each board member make a cash gift that is meaningful and significant by their own standard. While both membership dues and corporate gifts made by a board member's employer are very helpful to the organization, they will not be considered to be a board member cash gift. Applicants to the Rasmuson Foundation that demonstrate 100% board giving will receive priority in funding decisions. This review criterion is waived for elected officials.

The form below can be used to report board member contributions as required in the application process.

Documentation of board giving