Many Alaska nonprofits undertake capital projects, whether it's purchasing, constructing, or renovating a facility. Effective planning in the first phase will dictate the long-tem success of the project. "Pre-development" is the phase of a construction project between the idea that a facility is needed through to the initiation of design. Inadequate planning during this phase can result in projects that are not sustainable in the long term.


The Pre-Development Program assists nonprofit organizations in planning for successful capital projects. It is offered through a partnership with Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Denali Commission, Mat-Su Health Foundation, and The Foraker Group. The Pre-Development Program ensures that selected projects meet a community need; that they are adequately prepared to pursue capital funding; and that operations will be sustainable.


The Program follows five steps: (1) organize the project work plan, (2) determine need for capital project, (3) explore alternatives, (4) define the projects scope/design, and (5) decide whether to proceed. Organizations have access to program specialists, architects, engineers, and other specialists as necessary to successfully complete the pre-development phase of their project.


Who is eligible

Pre-Development Program services are not available through an open application process. Organizations are invited to participate through a selection process initiated by one of the program funders. Organizations should contact Alaska Mental Health Trust, Denali Commission, Mat-Su Health Foundation, or Rasmuson Foundation to request consideration for inclusion in the program. Each funding agency has its own criteria for eligibility, but in general only nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status, municipal, or tribal organizations qualify.


For more information on the Pre-Development Program, visit The Foraker Group website.