Rasmuson Foundation Quick Profile
Rasmuson Foundation is a private family foundation as defined by IRS code.
Mission To promote a better life for Alaskans!
Founders Jenny Rasmuson and son Elmer Rasmuson
Year founded and original gift 1955, $3,000
Board chairman Edward Rasmuson
Foundation president Diane Kaplan
Board size 12
Board compensation Volunteer service
Primary areas of interest Arts & culture, health, social services
Geographic area of giving Alaska
Assets as of December 31, 2010 $465,000,000
Total awards in 2010 $15,663,460
Grants paid in 2010 $17,541,815
Total awards since 1955 $215,000,000
Annual IRS 990PF Available for review at office, by written request or at www.guidestar.org