The following materials must be included with the regular Tier 2 application.

Description: This award supports applicant organizations in building basic strategic and implementation technology plans for their organization.


Note: the Foundation reserves the right to manage demand, when necessary, to meet program capacity.

Detailed Requirements
  1. Do not indicate a dollar request amount on the application materials. The Foundation will assign a consultant and support the associated costs of a defined planning engagement.
  2. Complete and submit the Technology Request Checklist
  3. Include both a current logical network diagram (as opposed to a floor plan) and full IT hardware and software asset inventory (if applicable)
  4. Copies of scope of service and service level documents illustrating how service is provided within your current environment (if applicable)
  5. Resume of daily service providers / technology coordinator (if applicable)
  6. Description of the organization's process (and budgeting) for disposal of old equipment (if applicable)

Technology strategy and plan: A technology strategy articulates from a business perspective why the organization needs technology and what it hopes to accomplish with it. It is "the process of determining how an organization can best use technology to further its mission." A technology plan spells out the details of making the strategy happen and involves assessing existing resources, defining needs, and exploring solutions. A written technology plan outlines the phases of technology development, and can also be used as a key tool to advocate for funding.