What We Fund

Tier 1: Grants of up to $25,000 for capital projects, technology updates, capacity building, program expansion, and creative works.


Tier 2: Grants of more than $25,000 for: large capital (building) projects; projects of demonstrable strategic importance or innovative nature; or the expansion or start-up of innovative programs that address issues of broad community or statewide significance. The project must demonstrate long-term benefits or impacts, and be initiated by an established organization(s) with a history of accomplishment.


Please review the past awards  section of the web site for an overview of the types of projects funded by the Foundation. 


What We Don't Fund

The Rasmuson Foundation concentrates its resources in the areas listed above. Generally, that means we cannot support many worthy requests including the following:
  • Projects associated with core government functions such as roads, utilities, and public safety
  • In general, K-12 education
  • General operations,administrative, indirect, or overhead costs
  • Deficits or debt reduction
  • Endowments
  • Scholarships
  • Fund-raising events or sponsorships
  • Reimbursement for items already purchased
  • Electronic health records and other emerging technologies. See policy.


If you have a question about the eligibility of your organization, contact the Rasmuson Foundation.  Rasmuson Foundation encourages applicants to call or meet with staff to discuss proposals prior to submission.