Technology planning and infrastructure awards

Tier 1 technology grants are specifically aimed at building organizational capacity by supporting nonprofit organizations’ technology planning and infrastructure needs.

Technology requests follow a modified Tier 1 application process. If an applicant is selected for a technology grant, the award will feature two distinct stages:

  1. The Foundation will sponsor a consulting engagement with an information technology firm to assist the organizations through the development of technology strategy and technology plan.
  2. After completion of an approved technology strategy and plan, the Foundation will consider financial support requests to implement the plan.

The Foundation Tier 1 technology grants support the following:

  • Basic infrastructure such as desktop and laptop computers, servers, routers, hubs, peripherals, and in special business process-related circumstances only, enterprise roll outs of mobile computing devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets)
  • Off-the-shelf software acquisition, installation and integration (with the exception of electronic health records or other types of emerging software for which no underlying de facto or formal technical or data standards exist)
  • Operating system and desktop productivity software
  • Telephone systems
  • Multifunction enterprise copier, fax, scan units
  • Training

The Foundation does not support the following:

  • Custom software development projects
  • Web site development or enhancements
  • Ongoing operating costs such as service contracts, annual software maintenance fees, or extended warranties.
  • Internet service costs

In every case, applicants should contact Program Officer Chris Perez to discuss potential technology requests before proceeding.



A technology strategy articulates why the organization needs technology and what it hopes to accomplish with it. It is the process of determining how an organization can best use technology to further its mission.

A technology plan spells out the details of making the strategy happen and involves assessing existing resources, defining needs, and exploring solutions. A written technology plan outlines the phases of technology development, and can also be used as a key tool to advocate for funding.

Technology is comprised of various combinations of hardware and/or software.

Hardware is defined as servers; computers; peripherals (printers, networked copiers etc); network devices; audio-visual; or telecommunications equipment (phone systems).

Software is defined as any business application (aside from standard Office suites and productivity tools) such as donor management, finance, or invent