Claudia Maria-Mateo

Claudia Maria-Mateo is the Administrative Assistant at Rasmuson Foundation. She moved to Alaska in April 2001 from Dominican Republic. In 2006, she began to work for a local engineering firm in their drafting and design team. Many of the projects she participated in are currently around the state of Alaska.  In 2009, she began to work for the United States Air Force (USAF) in the state of Washington and during this time her passion for helping people grew. While working in USAF, she became a program manager and board member for a non-profit organization that assisted military members and their families.

Claudia has a Bachelor's of Science in Organizational Management with concentration in Security from the University of Phoenix.

Now that she is back in Alaska, she is excited to experience the outdoors (this time around) as she plans to travel inside Alaska, with her son, Joshua.