Arts & Culture

July 6, 2010 - In February 2010, Rasmuson Foundation commissioned Helicon Collaborative to conduct a scan of the impact of the economic recession on arts and cultural institutions in Alaska. The report reconfirms that leaders of arts and cultural organizations in Alaska are operating under challenging conditions. While the economic recession that started in December 2007 has definitely had an impact, they are also navigating social, economic and technological trends that are having dramatic and unpredictable effects on cultural production, distribution and consumption. Read the study here.

The Arts and Culture Initiative is a ten-year, $20 million investment approved by the Rasmuson Foundation board of directors in December 2003. The Initiative was developed through extensive meetings, site visits, and research to achieve the following comprehensive goals:

  • Alaska's quality of life is enhanced by a diverse and vibrant cultural community.
  • Alaska's population has access to, engages in, and values arts and culture.
  • Alaska provides a dynamic and supportive environment for creative artists.
  • Alaska's cultural organizations are healthy and have the supports they need to be successful.
  • Arts and culture are an integral part of pre-K through grade-12 education.
  • Buildings, parks and other constructed projects enhance Alaska's visual landscape.

The initiative centers on four focus areas: Creative Ventures, Organizational Advancement, Arts in Education, and Design/Public Art. Grant programs are being developed in each focus area to address key aspects of the goals listed above.

The following Arts and Culture programs are already underway:

Art Acquisition Fund

Arts Education Fund

Creative Ventures Fund

Individual Artists Awards

Harper Arts Touring Fund

Organizational Advancement Fund