Arts In Education

Rasmuson Foundation believes creativity, imagination and self expression are important qualities that should be fostered and encouraged among young people. Experiences in the arts cultivate these qualities and pave the way for the next generation to grow into resourceful, creative, and engaged adults.


Research shows exceptional things happen when the arts become part of the lives of children. The arts play an important role in captivating young people and propelling them to higher levels of achievement and understanding.


Rasmuson Foundation initiated the Arts In Education program to increase the role of cultural institutions in making arts experiences available in schools and neighborhoods; to inspire collaborations between educators, artists and cultural institutions; to increase student access to a variety of high-quality arts and cultural experiences; and to encourage student participation in the arts.


The following grant opportunities are offered for Alaska schools, nonprofit organizations and teachers:


1. Arts Excursion – grants of $600 for K-12 schools, both public and private, to assist with student transportation to arts and cultural events. Title 1 schools are eligible for grants up to $1,000.


2. Cultural Collaborations – two grant programs for collaborative projects that enable schools, arts organizations, local arts agencies, artists, and other civic groups to establish, expand, or enhance arts and cultural programs for young people.

  • Access Grants of up to $1,000 to support high-quality, short-term arts and cultural activities for grades K-12 at a school site during the school day.
  • Project Grants offer matching funds of up to $6,000 to support high-quality, longer-term, experientially based arts and cultural projects or programs for youth outside of the school day.

3. Arts Teacher Awards - grants of up to $3,000 for certified, permanently assigned, full and part-time K-12 artist-teachers to immerse themselves in their own creative work, interact with professional artists, and stay current with new practices.


4. Artists in Schools - the Foundation provides additional funding to the Alaska State Council on the Arts to reduce fees paid by schools, increase fees paid to artists and increase the number of residencies funded through the Artist in Schools program.


How to Apply

Rasmuson Foundation transferred the administration of the Arts in Education Fund to the Alaska State Council on the Arts. Application information can be found here.

Contact ASCA at 907-269-6682. The mailing address for ASCA is 161 Klevin Street, Suite 102, Anchorage, AK 99508.