Rasmuson Foundation awards grants both to organizations serving Alaskans through a base of operations in Alaska, and to individuals for projects, fellowships and sabbaticals. To be considered for a grant award, grant seekers must meet specific criteria and complete and submit the required application according to the specific guidelines of each program.


Tier 1 Awards

Grants of up to $25,000 for capital projects, technology updates, capacity building, program expansion, and creative works.

Tier 2 Awards

Grants over $25,000 for projects of demonstrable strategic importance or innovative nature.

Individual Artist Awards

Grants to artists to support the time, reflection, immersion or experimentation beneficial to the development of their artistry.


Grants up to $30,000 to cover salary and expenses during a leadership sabbatical, which supports the personal growth or renewal of the nonprofit CEO or tribal executive.

Program-related Investments

A collection of financial instruments to support a charitable project or activity.

Pre-Development Program

Guidance and technical resources for planning new, sustainable capital projects.

Harper Touring Fund

Grants of up to $3,500 to local arts and community organizations to support the presentation of performers/artists and arts/cultural exhibits in communities without regular access to these types of programs.

Art Acquisition Fund

Grants for Alaska museums to purchase for their collections work by practicing Alaskan artists.

Arts in Education

Grants to make arts experiences available in schools and neighborhoods.