Individual Artist Awards

Rasmuson Foundation honors the merit and significance of a life dedicated to serious artistic exploration and growth. The Foundation believes that the artist's energy, ideas, and creative drive cannot bear fruit without periods of time devoted to experimentation, education, and personal reflection. We also acknowledge that artists need opportunities to explore at various stages of their artistic careers.  

With these guiding principles in mind, the Rasmuson Foundation has created three award programs for individual artists living and working in Alaska:

  • Project Awards: Awards of up to $7,500 for emerging, mid-career, and mature artists for specific, short-term projects that have a clear benefit to the artist and the development of his/her work.

  • Artist Fellowships: $18,000 awards for mid-career or mature artists to focus their energy and attention for a one-year period on developing their creative work.

    The Fellowship program awards grants in ten artistic disciplines that rotate on a two-year cycle.
    2014 Fellowships 2015 Fellowships
    Media Arts Choreography
    Multidiscipline/New Genre Crafts
    Music Composition Folk and Traditional Arts
    Presentation/Interpretation Literary Arts/Scriptworks
    Visual Arts Performance Art
  • Distinguished Artist: $40,000 annual award for a mature artist of recognized stature with a history of creative excellence and accomplishment in the arts.

Rasmuson Foundation will fund individual Alaskan artists at various stages of their career whose work is defined by excellence and reflects any of the diverse cultural and aesthetic communities in Alaska.

These awards will provide artists the resources to concentrate and reflect on their work, to immerse themselves in a creative endeavor, and to experiment, explore, and develop their artistry more fully. It is our hope that these investments in individual artists will result in substantial contributions to the culture of Alaska, the vibrancy of our communities, and to art itself.

How to Apply

Note: An artist may apply for only one (1) of the three awards (see above) per postmark deadline. Artists who receive a Rasmuson Individual Artist Award must wait three (3) years before applying for another Individual Artist Award.

Applications for Rasmuson Individual Artist Awards are available online or by request from Jan. 1 - March 1. Call (907) 297-2700 or toll-free in Alaska (877) 366-2700, or write the Rasmuson Foundation, 301 W Northern Lights, Suite 400, Anchorage, Alaska 99503.